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Welcome to MaxT3. You are walking into a new era of fitness! One that is very unique, exciting, safe, and innovative. This facility is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before because nothing like has ever existed before…until now. 

Masterfully designed for everyone...

More than just getting fit, you are walking into life transformation. The uniqueness of MaxT3 all begins with intention. Our intention is not for you just to look a certain way but we want you to be truly fit. Not only for the sake of being fit but more importantly for the sake of being healthy so that you can live your life to the fullest. The possibilities are endless no matter where your journey begins. You can be totally de-conditioned, completely out of shape, overweight, have limitations (like a bad knee), or even suffering from a major condition or disease and still be successful. This program is specifically designed for you. 

At this moment, you may not be able to do everything that you want to do BUT you can do something!!! If you just start moving then over time your body will adapt and you will transform. The possibilities are endless and they all begin right here. We will help you get in the shape of your life in a fraction of the time of conventional workouts.

MaxT3 was created by Dr. Fred Roberto who is a chiropractor, coach, motivational speaker, performance specialist, and high-level athlete himself.  He has helped his patients combat major diseases, lose weight, and become as healthy as they can be, and even to help elite athletes win gold medals. It is the best of both worlds coming together…The highest level of conditioning with an understanding of how exercise combats disease for the sake of achieving optimal HEALTH! This is the pedigree of maxT3. It is this comprehensive fitness system designed for all populations no matter where you begin.

This program has been in application for years. We started with thousands of people in the test groups who experienced incredible results. It was turned into a DVD which went into all the MaxLiving offices around the world and to the 10’s of thousands of patients who have used this program for the intention of getting healthy and reversing disease. As a result, we know MaxT3 works. It’s been proven. And now we want to create the ultimate opportunity for you to find your way into this system. This is exactly what the fitness center represents. The program is so much more effective in a fitness center under the supervision of a highly trained instructor than it could ever be at home by yourself. The fitness center represents MaxT3 delivered at the highest level!!!


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