maxT3 Fitness Program

maxT3 uses high intensity/short duration exercise to elicit high level metabolic response. In a fraction of the time of conventional programs, you can get in shape of your life.  

maxT3 can be modified to any fitness level or limitation.
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The 3 T's: Time, Type, Tempo

maxT3 is based on high-intensity, short duration workouts that can be modified to any fitness level.  By changing the any of the 3 T's (Time, Type, & Tempo) we can dial up very specific results.  

Metabolic Conditioning

True fitness starts with conditioning energy systems on a cellular level. Metabolic conditioning (MetCon) is largely about eliciting a desired hormonal response.

Workouts are just 6:00 - 16:00.  That's it!

Fitness +

When you start the maxT3 Fitness Program, you not only get the most comprehensive fitness program but you are also introduced to a comprehensive health care program. A WHOLE – health approach, we have coined as fitness (+).

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